Welcome to the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY website.

Nobody knows how to fix the GST like we do, nobody!

Formed in 2016, the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is the only party registered with the WA Electoral Commission with the sole purpose of representing the people of WA to get a better deal from Canberra.

Our State has been held to economic ransom by political parties controlled from Canberra, that run the Federal Government, and tell our State Government what to do!

While WA digs up every mineral and harvests every inch of arable land, the rest of Australia lives on “GST welfare” paid by hard-working Western Australians.

“Let’s not forget Canberra already receives in excess of $20 Billion per year in direct and indirect taxes from WA related resource projects – a massive $1 Trillion dollars over 50 years.”

These taxes are crippling WA’s economy, investment, small business and families.

The ONLY solution is to win the balance of power at the next Federal Election by electing Western Australians to represent WA, not political parties controlled from Canberra.

Join us, become a Supporter Member, have your say on policy, make a tax deductible donation or volunteer your time.

If you wish to speak to the Executive Committee, please call Stephen Phelan on 0419 906 393 or email: wa@westernaustraliaparty.com.au

Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!