Party submission to Canberra on #GST4WA

The Productivity Commission inquiry into WA’s share of the GST heads to Perth on Monday 13 November 2017.

Join us by attending this Public Hearing starting at 9am, Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 707 Wellington Street, Perth.

Western Australia Party representatives Andrew Mangano and Tom Atkinson will make two presentations to the public hearing outlining the flaws in the Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation system which punishes states like Western Australia for mining its resources.

“The GST “equalisation” system is so completely messed up that financially, WA would have been better off NOT having the mining boom and therefore NOT needing to borrow and spend $40 Billion on Infrastructure.”

Instead WA could have just sat back and let the GST equalisation system lift our share of the GST to provide WA with more than sufficient revenue to fund modest infrastructure without a $40 Billion DEBT; without constant increases in the cost of living; and with greater job security.

Western Australia Party will present a strong case for 100% of the GST raised in WA to stay in WA.

We look forward to your support.

To read more about HFE click here.

3 thoughts on “Party submission to Canberra on #GST4WA

  1. Let`s correct this gross GST anomaly. The current GST format is supported by Politicians for their Selfish Political Gain& career aspirations


  2. we would have loved to attend however only received the email in Sunday 12/11/17 apologies that we are unable to attend.

    Rod & Rhonda Hitchins


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