GST causes social issues

The GST system rewards states for population growth and gambling.  These are big social issues facing Australia.

If Dick Smith was truly concerned about a sustainable population of Australia, he would tackle the GST system head on.  So far he hasn’t.

The GST system divides up the cash based on some criteria:

  1. A state must grow its population or it gets less GST (NSW, VIC).
  2. A state promoting gambling and receiving gambling taxes gets more GST (NT, NSW, VIC, QLD).
  3. A state can lock up its resources and get more GST (VIC, NT)
  4. A state can use GST for consolidated revenue and will still get more GST (NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS,)
  5. A state with falling population numbers will get less GST (WA)
  6. A state which digs up its minerals and farms every bit of arable land will get less GST (WA)
  7. A state which restricts gambling will get less GST (WA)

This GST system can change with a stroke of a pen by the Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison from NSW.  It does NOT need the states to agree!


GST Colin Barnett the Federal Treasurer makes the decision 3

Peter Kennedy, Barnett back to beat the GST drum, Business News WA, 9 February 2018


So why doesn’t the federal treasurer reward Western Australia for it’s economic and social contribution to Australia with more GST?  Is he scared of losing political power from the states with the biggest populations and gambling problems?

Western Australia must use its political power to elect candidates who fearlessly represent the rights of our state to share in Commonwealth revenue.  Andrew Wilkie has done this for Tasmania, and Nick Xenophon has done it for South Australia.

It’s our turn to elect fearless candidates to both state and federal parliaments.

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