GST fixes local issues

The seat of Cottesloe has been neglected for years.  It’s considered a “safe” Liberal seat.

Western Australia Party identifies the seat of Cottesloe as having an important role in sending a message to the State and Federal Government to fix the GST.

We are not asking electors to change their Liberal or Labor values, we are just seeking your number 1 vote to fix the GST and local issues.


Infrastructure has been neglected for ages.  The popularity of the area has meant traffic has rapidly increased without any orderly and proper planning nor the infrastructure to deal with truck movements.

So how can it be fixed?

Electors can’t wait for “top ups” or handouts from the Federal Government which ends up in marginal seats, NOT Cottesloe, while traffic congestion increases out of control.

The only option is a political imperative to send a message to the State Government and Canberra that electors are prepared to vote 1 for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY‘s campaign for GST for WA and make the seat of Cottesloe a marginal seat.

Stirling Bridge traffic

The Western Australia Party is concerned about the massive traffic congestion at the Tydeman Rd/Stirling Hwy intersection caused by large trucks carrying containers. If the North Wharf container terminal remains where it is, the number of containers being transported by road is predicted to rise from the current 4 million/year to about 14 million/year!

If the Government decides to leave the container terminal on North Wharf then the container movements should be by rail.  Without a substantial increase in the GST for WA, there is no funding for rail.  We have to find a way to relieve the traffic congestion in North Fremantle caused by the trucks.

One option is to duplicate Stirling Bridge. The Party is NOT advocating that be done but ONLY as a partial solution to better manage the vehicle movements. If nothing is done about the container terminal, the traffic movements in North Fremantle could become a disaster.

Curtin Avenue traffic

This election we have highlighted the issue of Road Safety within the electorate of Cottesloe. Specifically, on Curtin Avenue.  It’s chaotic and a danger to everyone, an accident waiting to happen. Something needs to be done urgently, well before any Federal Government handouts find their way to the electorate.

Strategic Planning

A long term strategic plan for the entire electorate is a priority.  Planning has been left at the mercy of developers, a new home here, a multi-storey building there…. a random approach without the proper infrastructure and planning involved.

A good Strategic Plan for the area addresses density, building heights, internal floor space, parking, traffic congestion, public transport, parking and public open spaces.  This Plan will mean that six or more local governments (Mosman Park, Claremont, Fremantle, Peppermint Grove, Cottesloe, Cambridge) and the State Government will need to work together.  Our candidate, former Mayor of Mosman Park, RON NORRIS has the knowledge and experience and is equipped to deliver on this election promise.

Vote 1 for RON NORRIS and the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY on 17 March 2018 at your nearest polling booth.  Click here to find it.

If you have any questions or comments please contact:

Ron Norris, Candidate for Cottesloe:  0402 036 353

Stephen Phelan, Party Secretary: 0419 906 393

Or send us an email by clicking here:

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