Darling Range by-election

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is delighted to nominate Mr Russell Goodrick as its candidate for the Darling Range by-election on 23 June 2018.

Russell is a former award-winning Channel 9 newsreader, a producer of thousands of TV programs, and a community leader for many organisations including a founding member of Football West.

Party Convenor, Julie Matheson says “This by-election is a referendum on the GST for Western Australia. We don’t want promises of handouts or top ups. The Western Australia Party wants our per capita (11%) share of the GST to fund education, health and law enforcement.

“As one of the fastest growing areas in Australia, Darling Range has affordable housing, but unaffordable living. We need to fix the lack of infrastructure, extend Tonkin Highway and the Train service.” says Russell.  “We can do that with a greater share of the GST, a subject that has been painful for the major parties trying to please their bosses in Canberra.”

After having lived in the East Metropolitan area for most of his life, Russell ran for the Western Australia Party in the 2017 State election to advocate for changes to the family court to make it better for mums and dads, especially children.  He is passionate about tourism and has promoted over 60 country towns in Western Australia.

Russell says the Darling Range has always been the Apple of My Eye.

True to form Russell is “still the One” and drew position 1 on the ballot paper out of 11 candidates!

Contact:  Julie Matheson on 0409 294 495 or email wa@westernaustraliaparty.com.au


3 thoughts on “Darling Range by-election

  1. Russell Goodrick is an excellent candidate and if you can get more like him the West Australian Party will become major political force for WA


  2. Hi, we are doing a postal vote. What are your preferences please?
    Many thanks, Stephanie Griffiths OAKFORD


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