Apples and Lemons

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY kicked off it’s campaign for the seat of Darling Range on the WA Day public holiday.


We are backing the orchard owners of Darling Range – the Apple of Our Eye.  Imported fruit is threatening WA’s brand as a pest and disease-free state.

apple cropped

The first shipment of WA apples was exported to London in 1910, and rapidly increased to 126,808 cases by 1914.  Today, the Perth Hills region including the Darling Range is home to organic apple orchards which continue to export overseas and supply Western Australia’s grocery stores, juice makers and cider breweries.


At the same time Mr Turnbull’s GST offer of 80 cents in the dollar is a LEMON.  It’s a copy cat of Mr Shorten’s offer of top ups and hand outs which come with strings attached.

GST Lemon

GST Lemon – top ups and handouts!

More than $5 billion of annual GST revenue is missing from the proposed offers.  GST revenue can be used to pay off the state’s debt and fund education, health and law enforcement.

Top ups and handouts come with strings attached on where the money can be spent, and how much the state should put in to match the handout.  These offers are simply LEMONS.

Meanwhile other states use our $5 billion of annual GST revenue to balance the budget and provide services to their electors.

Vote 1 Russell Goodrick to get better deals for WA!

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