Say NO to Toll Roads WA

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY says NO to toll roads in WA.

Infrastructure Australia, the Federal Government’s infrastructure planning body, is recommending that the Federal Government effectively blackmail Western Australia into accepting toll roads in exchange for GST top-ups with strings attached.

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is opposed to toll roads, and the party does not support GST top-ups with strings attached as proposed by both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten.

Russell Goodrick, candidate for Darling Range says:

“Toll roads penalise those who live in outer suburbs such as in the Darling Range electorate as they are more likely to drive long distances to work or for other reasons.”

The only acceptable outcome to Western Australia is our per-capita (11%) share of the GST for health, education and law enforcement, and Fuel Excise revenue to be spent by the Western Australian Government on infrastructure projects that do not include toll roads.

Currently Western Australia is short-changed by $5.3 billion each year of its per-capita share of the total GST revenue.  This shortfall is denying Western Australia infrastructure projects that are urgently required, not just in the Darling Range electorate, but across Western Australia.

Vote 1 Russell Goodrick for Darling Range on 23 June 2018

Darling Range by-election Apples and Lemons campaign 2018

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