Say YES to Police Workers Compensation

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY says YES to Police Workers Compensation.

It is a little known fact that WA Police officers are currently excluded from Workers Compensation payouts, and those that are medically unfit to work are sacked from the Police force.

While the WA State Government is pushing forward with plans for Metronet, they are currently procrastinating on introducing a Police Compensation Scheme and amending Section 8 of the Police Act,  which WA Labor promised to do, prior to being elected in March 2017.  This issue has been going on for 20 years.

The Western Australia Party says that WA Police should be treated no differently to any other employee with regards to Workers Compensation.

Compensation for police men and women and police services is being compromised by the Federal Government’s refusal to pay Western Australia its per capita (11%) share of the GST.  Instead the State Government is forced to revenue raise through speed cameras, denying Western Australia a properly funded well-resourced police and law enforcement service.

Russell Goodrick, candidate for Darling Range says

“If Western Australia received 100% of our per-capita share of GST and Fuel Excise revenue, this would assist to fund Police Workers Compensation, open a Police Station 24×7 in Darling Range, and sufficient Police to maintain law and order in Western Australia.”

Currently Western Australia is short-changed by $5.3 billion each year of its per-capita share of the total GST revenue.  This shortfall is denying Western Australia a well funded Police Service which is urgently required, not just in the Darling Range electorate, but across Western Australia.

Vote 1 Russell Goodrick for Darling Range on 23 June 2018

Police Workers Compensation

One thought on “Say YES to Police Workers Compensation

  1. Thank you Russell for your support for us that have been abandoned by Wapol. I believe our gst problems would be solved by secession.


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