Save WA Camp Schools

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY says NO to the proposed closure or privatisation of six WA Camp Schools in:

  1. Point Peron,
  2. Goldfields,
  3. Bridgetown,
  4. Pemberton,
  5. Geraldton,
  6. Goldfields, and
  7. the Pilbara.

The closure  will impact over 10,000 students across WA including local schools like the Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School, Forestdale Primary School and Byford Primary School that utilise the WA Camp Schools.

Russell Goodrick, candidate for Darling Range says:

“camp schools are excellent examples of community facilities that provide immediate and long term benefits for the WA community.  They contribute to a holistic education for children in addition to enhancing the local community and the local economy.  These important contributions should be recognised and supported.”

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY’s campaign for 100% of our per-capita share of GST is gaining momentum.  If elected we will ensure GST revenue is used by the State Government to stop the closure of Moora College and WA Camp Schools, and provide a well-funded education, health and law enforcement service to all Western Australians.

Vote 1 Russell Goodrick for Darling Range on Saturday 23 June 2018.

Russell Goodrick for Darling Range Photo




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