Western Australia Party (WAP) is a political party registered with the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC).  The Party has more than 600 supporter members and associates.

The Convenor and founding member is Julie Matheson.

The Party Secretary and founding member is Stephen Phelan.

WAP was previously known as the Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party, was formed in March 2016 to campaign and promote the GST for WA.

Unfortunately the party was not registered with the Australian Electoral Commission to run candidates in the 2016 Federal Election.  Julie Matheson ran as an independent candidate for the Senate and received more votes than any other independent in Australia.

In October 2016 the party registered with the WAEC, and ran 32 candidates in the 2017 State election in March.  The party received more than 11,400 first preference votes.

If you would like to join the party or volunteer to promote our campaign for the GST for WA, please click here to become a Supporter Member.

Stephen Phelan

Party Secretary

0419 906 393

Party snapshots: