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WA’s fastest growing political party representing Western Australia.

Registered with WA and Australian Electoral Commission

More than 700 members with a highly experienced Party Executive team.


Scott Morrison GST for WA 7 5 18

Federal Treasurer GST pledge The West 7 May 2018


Successfully campaigned in every election since 2016 for a change in the Federal Government’s GST formula to bring WA closer to a per capita share of the GST.

*  2016 campaign for the Senate

*  2017 WA State Election

* 2018 Cottesloe By-Election

*  2018 Darling Range By-Election

*  2018 Perth By-Election





Russell Goodrick for Darling Range Photo


Russell Goodrick, well known TV producer and presenter achieved:







Our 32 candidate photos


Endorsed 32 candidates for the 2017 state election.