Apples and Lemons

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY kicked off it’s campaign for the seat of Darling Range on the WA Day public holiday.


We are backing the orchard owners of Darling Range – the Apple of Our Eye.  Imported fruit is threatening WA’s brand as a pest and disease-free state.

apple cropped

The first shipment of WA apples was exported to London in 1910, and rapidly increased to 126,808 cases by 1914.  Today, the Perth Hills region including the Darling Range is home to organic apple orchards which continue to export overseas and supply Western Australia’s grocery stores, juice makers and cider breweries.


At the same time Mr Turnbull’s GST offer of 80 cents in the dollar is a LEMON.  It’s a copy cat of Mr Shorten’s offer of top ups and hand outs which come with strings attached.

GST Lemon

GST Lemon – top ups and handouts!

More than $5 billion of annual GST revenue is missing from the proposed offers.  GST revenue can be used to pay off the state’s debt and fund education, health and law enforcement.

Top ups and handouts come with strings attached on where the money can be spent, and how much the state should put in to match the handout.  These offers are simply LEMONS.

Meanwhile other states use our $5 billion of annual GST revenue to balance the budget and provide services to their electors.

Vote 1 Russell Goodrick to get better deals for WA!

Darling Range by-election

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is delighted to nominate Mr Russell Goodrick as its candidate for the Darling Range by-election on 23 June 2018.

Russell is a former award-winning Channel 9 newsreader, a producer of thousands of TV programs, and a community leader for many organisations including a founding member of Football West.

Party Convenor, Julie Matheson says “This by-election is a referendum on the GST for Western Australia. We don’t want promises of handouts or top ups. The Western Australia Party wants our per capita (11%) share of the GST to fund education, health and law enforcement.

“As one of the fastest growing areas in Australia, Darling Range has affordable housing, but unaffordable living. We need to fix the lack of infrastructure, extend Tonkin Highway and the Train service.” says Russell.  “We can do that with a greater share of the GST, a subject that has been painful for the major parties trying to please their bosses in Canberra.”

After having lived in the East Metropolitan area for most of his life, Russell ran for the Western Australia Party in the 2017 State election to advocate for changes to the family court to make it better for mums and dads, especially children.  He is passionate about tourism and has promoted over 60 country towns in Western Australia.

Russell says the Darling Range has always been the Apple of My Eye.

True to form Russell is “still the One” and drew position 1 on the ballot paper out of 11 candidates!

Contact:  Julie Matheson on 0409 294 495 or email


Save Moora College #GST4WA

Education funding cuts in rural areas of Western Australia is a direct result from Canberra’s GST broken promise.

In 1999, Canberra promised WA a secure and growing source of revenue from the GST to fund education, health and law enforcement.  So far WA is the ONLY state with a decreasing share of the GST, bank rolling other states to balance their budgets and increase services to electors.

To help the voting public fight for the #GST4WA and see the benefits of reversing funding cuts in rural areas, the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY’s candidate for Darling Range, Mr Russell Goodrick, has captured the essence of Moora in a documentary featuring its growth since early 1900s.




Cottesloe By-election

Legislative Assembly Election was held on 17 March 2017.

It was a fantastic effort by former Mayor of Mosman Park Ron Norris to pick up nearly 10% of the vote for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY in the Liberal safe seat of Cottesloe.

Ron’s fearless campaign on the GST for WA and local issues forced the Liberal Party to make election promises in the seat of Cottesloe like never before. The Cottesloe electorate was promised the sale of public housing in Mosman Park, lower density duplex and single storey dwellings, low rise on Cottesloe beach, funding for the Peppermint Grove Tennis Club, and realignment of Curtin Avenue to address traffic congestion.

It’s a hollow victory for Mr Honey, polling 20% less votes in most polling booths than in 2017, and election promises to keep! The Greens campaign picked up less than 1,000 votes out of a possible 5,280 Labor votes.  Labor didn’t support a candidate this election.

The Western Australia Party is over the moon with the result in Cottesloe, and thank the voters for their support in this election.


More land tax or fight for the GST?

Dear Metropolitan Land Owners,

Land tax on property investments could be extended to the Peel and Bunbury areas in a bid to raise an extra $7 million a year for the WA State Government.

The Metropolitan Region Improvement Tax (MRIT) applies to residential investment and many commercial properties valued at $300,000 or more.  This tax is paid into a slush fund operated by the WA Planning Commission for public open spaces and land needed for infrastructure such as roads and rail.

Until WA receives its proper share of the GST, the State Government will have no other option but to raise taxes or reduce essential services, even close them.

If you are facing another tax on top of the land tax you already pay, join us to fight for the GST for WA by becoming supporter member here.


GST fixes local issues

The seat of Cottesloe has been neglected for years.  It’s considered a “safe” Liberal seat.

Western Australia Party identifies the seat of Cottesloe as having an important role in sending a message to the State and Federal Government to fix the GST.

We are not asking electors to change their Liberal or Labor values, we are just seeking your number 1 vote to fix the GST and local issues.


Infrastructure has been neglected for ages.  The popularity of the area has meant traffic has rapidly increased without any orderly and proper planning nor the infrastructure to deal with truck movements.

So how can it be fixed?

Electors can’t wait for “top ups” or handouts from the Federal Government which ends up in marginal seats, NOT Cottesloe, while traffic congestion increases out of control.

The only option is a political imperative to send a message to the State Government and Canberra that electors are prepared to vote 1 for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY‘s campaign for GST for WA and make the seat of Cottesloe a marginal seat.

Stirling Bridge traffic

The Western Australia Party is concerned about the massive traffic congestion at the Tydeman Rd/Stirling Hwy intersection caused by large trucks carrying containers. If the North Wharf container terminal remains where it is, the number of containers being transported by road is predicted to rise from the current 4 million/year to about 14 million/year!

If the Government decides to leave the container terminal on North Wharf then the container movements should be by rail.  Without a substantial increase in the GST for WA, there is no funding for rail.  We have to find a way to relieve the traffic congestion in North Fremantle caused by the trucks.

One option is to duplicate Stirling Bridge. The Party is NOT advocating that be done but ONLY as a partial solution to better manage the vehicle movements. If nothing is done about the container terminal, the traffic movements in North Fremantle could become a disaster.

Curtin Avenue traffic

This election we have highlighted the issue of Road Safety within the electorate of Cottesloe. Specifically, on Curtin Avenue.  It’s chaotic and a danger to everyone, an accident waiting to happen. Something needs to be done urgently, well before any Federal Government handouts find their way to the electorate.

Strategic Planning

A long term strategic plan for the entire electorate is a priority.  Planning has been left at the mercy of developers, a new home here, a multi-storey building there…. a random approach without the proper infrastructure and planning involved.

A good Strategic Plan for the area addresses density, building heights, internal floor space, parking, traffic congestion, public transport, parking and public open spaces.  This Plan will mean that six or more local governments (Mosman Park, Claremont, Fremantle, Peppermint Grove, Cottesloe, Cambridge) and the State Government will need to work together.  Our candidate, former Mayor of Mosman Park, RON NORRIS has the knowledge and experience and is equipped to deliver on this election promise.

Vote 1 for RON NORRIS and the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY on 17 March 2018 at your nearest polling booth.  Click here to find it.

If you have any questions or comments please contact:

Ron Norris, Candidate for Cottesloe:  0402 036 353

Stephen Phelan, Party Secretary: 0419 906 393

Or send us an email by clicking here:

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