Candidate Preselection

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is has an open invitation to party Supporter Members to nominate a potential candidate for preselection in the upcoming Federal election 2019.

The party has a real chance of being “king-maker” in at least three federal seats, and winning a seat in the Senate.

If you are not a member, please join here: Join the Party

Before completing the form below, please read the relevant candidate information packs by clicking on the Australian Electoral Commission and WA Electoral Commission’s websites.

You will need a minimum of three party supporter members to support your EXPRESSION OF INTEREST as a Preselection Candidate.

Please complete the form below:


Please submit a 150 word (max) summary to support your reasons for nominating and what you plan to achieve as a candidate for the Party by separate email to:

Stephen Phelan, Party Secretary

Thank you for your expression of interest.