Family matters

The Family Court system in Western Australia works well for a majority of family matters.

Take for instance a mum comes home for work and finds a note on her pillow, her husband has abandoned her, their three children, and the home they share.  After 12 months of separation the Family Court grants a divorce, the children are left in the care of their mother and a small financial settlement is made.  All good right?

No unfortunately.

Whilst the real life example above worked out with mutual respect, the Family Court is under seize with perjury, restraining orders and legalised asset stripping from one partner to another.

The Family Court system is not coping with enforcement of orders, checking for perjury, or doing a detailed analysis on the impact on children after orders have been handed down.

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY held its first workshop on the Family Court system in April 2016 hosted by former Mayor Ron Norris and Cr Julie Matheson in Mosman Park.  More than 30 parents and grand parents participated.  The workshop was filmed and parents told their stories.

Since then small groups of parents have met to hear speakers on the Family Court, yet there has been little or no change in the Family Court system.

So what is there to be done?