Julie’s GST campaign

Before your read the HFE report sent to the Federal Treasurer on 15 May 2018, take a look at Julie’s GST Campaign and its success so far.

Here’s why….

In the 2016 federal election, Julie was the only candidate to run a GST campaign despite rejection by politicians and the media that nothing could be done WITHOUT the agreement from the other states. Do you remember this Advert in The West?

The West, 1 July 2016


The advert reads:

For our rightful share of the GST

To match the infrastructure spend.

For our rightful share of the excise fuel tax.

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In October 2016, Julie registers the party with the WA Electoral Commission to continue the GST campaign in the WA State Election. The media and politicians still rejected her GST campaign with the same old line that the other states would need to agree, so give up!

Julie didn’t give up. The party nominated 32 candidates and received more than 11,400 first preference votes in the March 2017 State Election.

The party makes a submission to the Productivity Commission to support 100% of the GST to remain in WA, and abolish state taxes such as payroll tax, transfer duty and insurance dutyRead more here>>

GST welfare nation 13 11 2017

In June 2017, Julie changed the party name to the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY to continue the GST campaign and attract new members.

Julie Matheson and Andrew Mangano appear before the Productivity Commission calling for an increase in the GST for WA. Read more here>>

Our candidate, Ron Norris former Mayor of Mosman Park, continues the campaign in the recent Cottesloe by-election gaining just under 10% of the vote in a Liberal safe seat. Read more here>>

The Federal Treasurer changes WA’s GST share from 34 cents to 47 cents without agreement from the other states, ABC News 5 April 2018




All of a sudden media and politicians agreed with Julie’s campaign that the Federal Treasurer CAN change the GST without agreement from the other states.





Perth by-election ABC News 4 May 2018


A few days ago Julie stepped up the GST campaign by announcing on ABC News that the Perth by-election would be a referendum on a bigger share of the GST for WA. Click the image to see more.


Federal Treasurer GST pledge The West 7 May 2018

Within two days of Julie’s announcement, the Federal Treasurer agrees to set a deadline to fix the GST system.

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY will be nominating candidates for the Perth, Fremantle and Darling Range by-elections next month.

Julie’s GST campaign will be our priority along with local issues such as poor planning decisions, public safety, and local government reform.

Finally, to keep Julie’s GST campaign on its way to success, we welcome your tax deductible donations up to $1,500 to be used in the Perth by-election  Click here to donate>>

For more information, contact Stephen Phelan, Party Secretary on 0419 906 393 or email wa@westernaustraliaparty.com.au