Peter Kennedy speaks to members

Western Australia Party’s inaugural Dinner Event was well attended by members and their guests wearing black with a splash of yellow, our party colours

Members and their guests were delighted with door prizes, party memorabilia auction and hospitality of the Irish Club, Subiaco.

More than 60 people attended eager to hear from our mystery speaker former ABC Political Report, Peter Kennedy.

Julie Campaign 2018-05-19 at 11.09.01 am 16

“By-elections provide a perfect opportunity to put the major parties in the spotlight on the GST.  Get your GST message across to the electorate and then voters can decide whether the major parties can be believed.  Stay on message.  Small parties can get side tracked and lose momentum.  Results might be slow at first but stick with it.”

“Sure, WA is due to get a GST return of 47 cents in the dollar, up from 34 cents, but the stark facts were spelled out in the recent budget by the WA Treasury.  No other state has ever received less than 83.4 cents in the dollar.  WA is the only state with a declining share of the GST (2008-2017).  It’s worth fighting for.”

Some highlights: