The Party

We believe in representing and protecting the rights of Western Australia, if you share this belief, then the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is for you.


John Forrest Western AustraliaFormed in 2016, the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is the only party registered with the WA Electoral Commission with the sole purpose of representing the people of WA to get a better deal from Canberra.

The formation of the Party is inspired by the original Western Australian Party that operated from 1906 to 1909 to protect the rights of Western Australia, led by Sir John Forrest the first Premier of WA in 1890.

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY can be a strong independent voice in State and Federal Parliament to advocate for a change in the GST allocation formula, to give WA a much better deal.

Unlike other parties, we’re not controlled from the Eastern States.  We have Western Australia in our hearts first and foremost.

Join us, become a Supporter Member, have your say on policy, make a tax deductible donation or volunteer your time.

If you wish to speak to the Executive Committee, please call Stephen Phelan on 0419 906 393 or email:

Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!